Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Good Company... a great exhibition currently running at Object Gallery until the 3rd of April. There is some lovely work on display, including pieces by Beth Deguara, Naomi Taplin, Mud, and Vert Design to name but a few (interestingly I was out at the delicions & delightful Black Star pastries the morning after the exhibition opened, and Vert's Green Rice cups (on display in the show) were the vessels of choice.. really beautiful pieces (and on a further side note, the quiche at Black Star was amazing!!).

Back to Object, the premise of the exhibition was to provide behind the scenes insights into the processes and inspiration that go into the work of some of our great local designers - a great idea by &company director Annalise de Lorenzo. Thoroughly worth a visit!

'Social Stools' image by Beth Deguara - see

In the spirit of looking behind the scenes, it should also be mentioned that as of tomorrow things will be a little different around here - Elian and I are instigating a weekly theme! Every Monday we'll be taking it in turns to choose a different subject, which we will then explore for the remainder of the week (personally I am a bit overexcited & have already drawn up a long list of potential topics. If any of our readers would like to make a suggestion we'd love to hear from you too). The new era starts in about half an hour - be ready!!!

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