Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carson Ellis and The Decemberists

Carson Ellis is an illustrator from the US, and is married to a Colin Meloy from The Decemberists, together they are working on a children's book called Wildwood, it's being published in September, but Ellis has released some images on her blog, and they look pretty amazing. Can't wait to see the whole thing.
Here are a few more illustrations from Ellis.

Ellis also does all the album artwork for The Decemberists
Listen to The Decemberists here, here and here. I would love to see them live one of these days.


  1. lovely pictures - i am particularly smitten with the swordfighting fox on the wildwood cover ♥!
    (tomorrow's post will have a foxy little friend for him...)
    you've also got me listening to the decemberists - i remember you playing me crane wife in the car and i'm loving it it even more on a second listen - thanks!

  2. So glad you liked The Decemberists, I'll have to lend you a couple of their albums.
    Loved the foxy friend taking a nap.