Thursday, February 10, 2011

cephalopod 101

so probably my last post wasn't the most polished contribution... i'll admit it - i saw the giant pom poms, i got really excited, i posted the giant pom poms... and there you have it.
after this little knitwear purge was over though, i then got to thinkin on my next post - how could I best contribute to the knitting and crochet theme?

when elian first got the knitting circle under way i did go along and valiantly begin a few scarves (knitting in a stright line being not only my strongest, but also my only wool-related skill). however, i soon realised that when you got to the end of the line, you just had to go back again... and so forth... and so eventually i gave up and left it to the talents (and considerable patience) of others.

i think craft is about three things for me 1)the aforementioned patience 2) skill and 3)whimsy- this third attribute being perhaps the most delightful! so, in celebration of the tongue in cheek crafter, i bring you a series of knitted octopuses (i'll admit that i typed it into google just to see what would happen, but was so excited at the results that i share the best of them with you now!).
(please click the individual images to visit their source)


  1. I like the last one the best, although I think it might be a squid?

  2. i think you might be correct about that... it's like a cousin of an octopus though right?!?