Monday, February 14, 2011

James Hancock at Sheffer Gallery

On my way to work in the morning i walk past Sheffer Gallery, tiny art space on a side street. Sheffer is always closed with a graffiti'ed roller door so i never actually get to see inside. All this changed on Saturday when I went there for the opening of an exhibition by the older brother of a close friend of mine, James Hancock. I'm no artiste/designer by any stretch of the imagination so I'll spare you all my attempt at trying to describe his work. But here are a few pictures (admittedly they aren't the best photos - it was a bit awkward as the gallery was so small).

There is a particular series of Hancock's that i really like, and some of them were at Sheffer (and the rest can be seen on Hancock's website). I like it so much that i bought 'all the buildings in new york' for my gentleman friend.

The other project that Hancock has at the moment is the ambitious aim to draw all the building in new york, and you can see his progress on his blog. Here is a little taster (click it to make it bigger - it's worth it):

[Pardon my off-theme blogging!]

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