Saturday, February 12, 2011

cosy tea cosy

My first foray into whimsical knitting was through Loani Prior's book Really Wild Tea Cosies.

I deliberated for a while on which one i would choose, and eventually settled on a crocheted granny-square extravaganza (it seemed the most straight forward to a novice knitter). Here is the finished product:

There are so many more amazing patterns in this book and the first one Wild Tea Cosies. Here is just a selection of them (all images from Loani Prior's blog the queen of the tea cosies).

And my very favourite, a picture of which is pinned up at my desk at work to be tackled when the PhD is over...

Now, if i must be honest, i have attempted one more pattern from Ms Prior's book, it is supposed to look something like this:

but instead, and excuse my crude language, the cosie in question looks a little like a saggy scrotum covering a tea pot (not that i would know what a scrotum looks like or anything). I think the problem is the teapot is too small for the cosie, or maybe the cosie is too big for the teapot...a philosophical debate i will leave to the experts. Regardless, the general appearance is less than desired. The worst of it is the cosie was supposed to be a gift for a dear friend and i don't have the heart to rip it out and start again so it just looks at me forlornly when ever i go into the spare room. I might add it to the 'after the PhD list'. Sorry Holly - i promise your birthday present will be totally worth it. x

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  1. great post love!!! gave me a chuckle and i loved the cosies - they are like squat, belligerent little parrots - "yeah i'm plump woolly and wonderful, so what are you lookin at?".
    for a cosy that ends up looking like the one depicted i am prepared to wait years - particularly if we can continue to discuss regularly! has become somewhat of an enigma really - how bad can it be - is it so deformed that i would feel sorry for it and grow to love its squashed up little face?? sometimes wondering keeps me awake at night...