Wednesday, February 16, 2011

information is beautiful

David McCandless is the brains behind the amazing website 'information is beautiful' and the book, The Visual Miscellaneum, which presents both quantitative and qualitative data in easy to understand and engaging 'infographics'. For a stats nerd like me, this is pretty much maths at it greatest!

McCandless contributes to the Guardian data blog, which is worth a read, if only to marvel at his beautiful and well thought-out design

Both images below from McCandless' website. The first one is a plot of rising sea levels and the cities that are at risk for inundation. The second is a diagram depicting the words used most commonly in horoscopes divided by star-sign - I had a feeling that I was going to meet an interesting stranger! 

McCandless also posts links to other like-minded geniuses, one of which did an amazing 'solar system music box'. have a listen.

Finally, this is too great not to pop up here. It's McCandless' diagram mapping films that involve space travel and where they would have met up in time. Click on the image to make it bigger and release your nerd within.

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