Saturday, February 12, 2011

missoni, i shame thee

It's a rainy saturday afternoon, so with a cup of tea on the desk beside me, there is no reason not to just carry on blogging - 3 posts today and counting! Since we're doing knitting as our theme for the week, it seemed that it wouldn't be right to go without a post about Missoni. Knitted, woven, crocheted, the vibrant colours and bold prints of their designs are iconic, and I was really looking forward to extolling the virtues and loveliness of their homewares in particular.
I was ready to share images such as these (from SS09)

and this

and this (from Spence & Lyda).

But, in preparation for another well-researched post (as they always are!), I went to the Missoni Home website. Word to the wise - don't go to the Missoni Home website. Actually, I should clarify that: don't go to the Missoni Home website unless you are keen to hear a remix of the blue danube waltz -on repeat like some hideous fusion of being on hold and being trapped in a discotheque from the late 70's. Sorry Missoni- all of the delight you have brought to my eyes has been cruelly undone by such an unusual and offensive assault on my ears.

Never again.

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  1. So many colours! but now i just want to go to that website and experience it for myself

    Also, only just realised that missoni and marni are two different things...