Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tohby knits well but is also a chatterbox, so his socks are not finished. I hope he finishes them in the holidays

(according to Penguin books this is a primary school report comment from Tohby Riddle's youth!)

I first came to know of his work from reading his cartoons in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine - 'Ron Jenkin's sense of humour' has been on my pinup board forever! (even moving house twice!).

Riddle has collected together some more of these fantastic cartoons in 'What's the Big Idea' and 'Pink Freud', from which the images below were taken (all images from

His books show the same gentle wit, quick observations and imaginative insight as the cartoons, and are home to some marvellous characters including Clive the Fox (from 'Nobody Owns the Moon') and donkey (from 'My Uncle's Donkey') - both artfully drawn both in image and in character.

His work is honest, playful and so endearing - there is a beautiful combination of sentiment and tongue in cheek which I have always thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. I might have to use the 'emotional ecosystem' in my lectures.

  2. from looking at it i would have to say that i do think it is very scientific! (how are your lectures going by the way - almost to the end of the week!!)